The approximate billing amount shown is primarily an initial amount, not a fixed one. Additional installation/service charges can be added according to the on-site work and requirements.


We offer a 60-day warranty on laptops/printers that we have repaired. For claiming the warranty, the security seal must be intact and not be tampered with.

Just repair won’t be responsible if the device is submitted for any damage after these 60 days. No warranty claims will be accepted after this period.

The damages that happened to the device from the user’s side after our repair, will not be covered under our warranty and additional cost will be required to repair it.


We will not be responsible for any service delay due to reasons not in the company's control. We are third-party service providers and reserve the right to refuse the provision of any service. We can refuse to service the customers if the system's minimum requirements are not according to our standards or the job's technical requirements are unreal and extensive.

We will also not be responsible for any data loss from the repair. The customer has to back up all his data on any device, either the computer, phone, or storage device's disk drives. Data can be in the form of any information, files, or software installed on the device.


After completing the repair, the device should be collected by the customer within 30 days of intimation, else Just repair has the right to dispose of the device.