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Mobile Phone Repair service Dubai


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Just Repair provides comprehensive Apple mobile phone repair services.

Just Repair takes pleasure in providing the best Apple mobile phone repair services in Dubai. As a well-known industry name, our devoted mobi-tech team is dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for a wide range of Apple devices. We realize how important iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products are in your daily life. Explore the comprehensive list of services we provide to ensure that your Apple devices receive the care they deserve.

Apple iPhone Repair

Screen Repair and Replacement 

  • Original Apple Part: To ensure your device's integrity, Just Repair only uses original Apple parts for screen repairs and replacements.

  • Precise Installation: Our expert technicians ensure that your iPhone's display is crisp and crystal clear.

  • Same-Day Service: Our same-day screen repair reduces downtime and allows you to continue your activities quickly.

Battery Replacement:

  • Original replacement: Just Repair uses authentic Apple batteries to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your iPhone.

  • Professional Installation: Our mobi-techs are skilled in performing seamless battery replacements, restoring your device's battery life to full capacity.

  • Battery Maintenance Tips: Get expert tips on how to charge your iPhone more efficiently to extend its battery life.

Camera Repairs

  • Full Camera Solutions: If your phone has broken lenses or dust in lenses, Our professionals offer full camera repairs for iPhones, including fixing black displays and improving photo quality.

  • Quick Turnaround: Just Repair promotes same-day service, understanding how important your iPhone's camera is in capturing life's moments.

Charging Port Issues

  • Detailed Diagnosis: Our mobile technicians do detailed diagnostics to swiftly discover and resolve charging port issues.

  • Preventive Guidance: Get vital information on safe charging procedures to avoid future charging port issues.

iPad Repair Services

Display and Touch Screen Repair

  • Expert Touchscreen Solutions: Just Repair's expert team performs accurate touchscreen repairs on iPads, restoring full functionality.

  • High-Quality Replacement Parts: We utilize high-quality replacement parts to ensure that your iPad's display remains responsive and clear.

Speaker and audio port repairs

  • Acoustic Expertise: Trust our acoustics experts to troubleshoot speaker issues, uneven noises, and other audio issues on your iPad.

  • Quick Resolutions: Take advantage of our same-day repair service and get your iPad back to delivering amazing audio experiences.

Home and Side Button Repairs

  • Full Range of Button Solutions: From home buttons to side buttons, we provide full repairs to ensure that all functions are perfectly restored.

  • Authentic Parts: Select from a variety of genuine replacement buttons for a long-lasting and dependable solution.

Additional Apple Device Repairs.

MacBook Repairs

  • Skilled MacBook Technicians: Just Repair offers MacBook repairs that address both hardware and software concerns.

  • Timely Solutions: Receive timely repairs to minimize delays to your MacBook usage. 

Apple Watch repairs 

  • Specialized Apple Watch Services: Our technicians are experts in Apple Watch repairs, resolving everything from screen damage to battery problems.

  • Dedicated Repair Team: You can count on our devoted team to give prompt and effective answers to your Apple Watch issues.

Water Damage Restoration

Specialized Water Damage Repair

  • Moisture Mitigation: Water damage can be devastating, but our specialist equipment and techniques can frequently rescue your Apple device from short-circuiting.

  • Expert Advice: Get expert advice on what steps to take immediately after water exposure to reduce the danger of irreparable damage.

Maintenance and Tips

Routine maintenance services.

  • Device Health Check: Just Repair provides routine maintenance checks to detect possible problems before they become significant ones.

  • Performance Optimization: Use our services to improve the overall performance of your Apple device.

Expert Tips for Apple Device Care

  • Charging Practices: Learn how to charge your battery more efficiently and extend its life.

  • Protective Measures: Learn about how to protect your Apple devices from potential damage.

Just Repair is your dependable partner for Apple mobile phone repair services in Dubai. We also provide same-day delivery, pick-and-drop services and affordable packages for every repair and service. Our commitment to using authentic components, giving prompt remedies, and providing expert guidance distinguishes us. Whether you need iPhone screen repair, iPad battery replacement, or MacBook troubleshooting, our expert mobi-techs provide thorough and dependable solutions. Entrust your Apple devices to Just Repair, where quality meets technology.