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Mobile Phone Repair service Dubai


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Just Repair offers the best mobile repair service in Dubai.

There’s nothing more hurting than a broken mobile screen. Or perhaps a white spot on your mobile screen. And you move into limbo when your mobile just doesn’t turn ON for you. Just Repair understands your intense relationship with your mobile phone and we know it's more personal than anything today. That is why our mobile techs (that’s what we call our mobile repair experts) take every service request personally and with a commitment to handling a life problem. We handle every kind of mobile phone repairs such as screen, battery, build, display, side-button, charging ports, etc. Our experts come from diverse tech brands and thus whether it is an iPhone repair or Samsung repair or any brand you name, we have it here. Just Repair has made the mobile repair Dubai market a pride and a feather in its tech crown.


Smartphones are defined by the cameras today. And it is the very purpose of most users, to click and share events and celebrate life online. But what if your smartphone's camera shows a black screen or is giving blurred and poor-quality pics? Then you need to remember one name and that is Just Repair, your one-stop mobile repair shop for all the trouble. Our mobile techies get to start working on your complaints right away and they always have a target of same-day delivery. Because we value your time and want to help you get out from the digital isolation and frustration that a broken camera creates.


All is well when it charges well. And what happens when it doesn’t? It is just the end of the world for you. But we would like to tell you that one of the main reasons you end up with a charging port issue is the pull and turn you make while using the phone while charging. The Just Repair mobi-techs are just like good doctors, they care for your mobile’s health and believe in prevention first and cure only when necessary. Though we can take care of your charging ports very well, it is necessary to educate you on the importance of it. So charge safely and use well. And just in case Just Repair is only a call away.


Charging ports charge a battery, so if you don’t charge it right it's the battery that’s next on the list. You can approach us for any mobile battery issues. We have a dedicated mobi-tech team for battery-related issues and our stock is always fresh and updated on the company-bought and tested authentic batteries. So don’t worry when your iPhone repair involves a battery change, it is taken care of, and you can relax. All we ask is the time to get it done, a little patience. And patience pays off a hundred times more than hurry. And our mobi-techs want you to know that doesn’t keep your chargers pinned to the power when it's 100% full and try not to let your charge drop below 33% for a longer battery life.


Of all the online mobile repair shops you have gone through, what makes Just Repair stand out is the specialization we have brought to our tech team. You can count on our acoustics experts to solve those bass issues, uneven sounds, strange vibrations, irritating noises, and much more. Usually plugging in wired earphones we are quite careless with the way it twists and turns and hence damage the earphone ports. You can expect a total repair with maximum same-day delivery with our mobile repair team.


Side buttons are few but if they don't work, you are simply locked out of your phone with no keyhole. That’s how we describe a damaged side button of smartphones. We provide you all types of buttons from budget to company made, we highly recommend company made ones for classic phones like iPhones, Samsung, and so will any experienced online mobile repair service in Dubai. Budgetary solutions are good when your wallet is thin. But in the long run, it's always the authentic products that keep your phones going to that last bit of mileage it offers for your digital life. Our experience with side-button repair has shown us that, most often when power buttons are damaged, they are not fully dead. As long as the connection with the motherboard is intact, long presses usually work very well. We repair buttons using the iron method, flex method, and even other advanced tools.


One of the major enemies of all electronic devices is moisture. And water can even directly get into the phone accidentally or when kids handle it intentionally. But when such mishaps happen don’t think it's over for your favourite smartphone. Just Repair has the right techniques and methods to save your phone from short-circuit or moisture build-up. Our mobile techs strongly advise you to not try to recharge or switch on the phone immediately after water contact. It can indeed lead to short-circuit if it hasn't happened already. So start by taking our mobile away from water and quickly remove the battery. Experts agree that it is the wisest thing you can do before you search “repair my mobile” on the Internet. Once this is done you can try to dry the mobile by submerging in rice or using a mild vacuum to suck the water out. Mobi-techs of Just Repair will then save your phone if the short circuit hasn’t occurred using the specialized tools we have in our toolkit.

The above services just show the common issues we have seen over time. But Just Repair just doesn’t end there. We have solutions for every possible technical and human error that your phone has endured. So whether it is an iPhone repair shop, or a Samsung repair shop you're looking for, it is available right here in the UAE. So when you see a cracked phone, in your home, friend circle, or office, you can simply refer them to us. Our team is always up for challenges and we believe here in Just Repair that anything that challenges you makes you simply grow a step further. We have reached the zenith by accepting and overcoming these challenges and would welcome you wholeheartedly to put another challenge in the form of your mobile phone issue.